One very special woman, the matriarch of the Baldwin Family, has had a plan and a dream, for many years 
Carol, worked tirelessly to achieve her dream of ending breast cancer. As the years have progressed her 
vision caught on quickly within her family and her journey rapidly changed to include each of them. When we 
think of Carol M. Baldwin, she is known to many as a daughter, sister, friend, wife, mother and founder of the 
Carol M. Baldwin Breast Cancer Research Fund and CNY Fund now known as the Baldwin Fund. 
Carol’s fondest role is being a Mother to 6 children (Elizabeth, Alexander, Daniel, William, Jane & Stephen), 
Grandmother to 23 and Great Grandmother to 13! The beauty and grace of Carol’s being, is reflected into 
each and everyone of those souls. 
The large circle and hidden initials you see, represent Carol, she is a survivor of the disease, the founder and 
reason why we are here, fighting for the cure against breast cancer. Within that circle lays 6 more woven 
circles, each one representing her children and their families. The beautiful heart shape is used to express the 
sense of emotion and love. Something that is endless and plentifully in the Baldwin Family. 
Carol Baldwin, was the beginning of the Fund, but in the last 31 years each member of her family has chosen 
to be part of the nonprofit organizations. It is only fitting, that in 2020 that The Baldwin Fund of 1989, 
evolves, grows larger and each family member keeps building on her dream! The dream, is to end breast 
cancer, and with all the positive strides that have been made, we know that we are getting closer each day! 
When you see our new name and logo, we hope that you feel a sense of wholeness, affection and a promise 
of a new and brighter future! This is not only what Carol Baldwin wants, but all of The Baldwin Family, and as 
a family we stand together and make a commitment to end Breast Cancer! Because, Together We Will Find A